Why Kinderhaven

Four Great Reasons  Why You Should Choose Kinderhaven.
1. Because we offer 20 Free Hours

20 free hoursKinderhaven offers the Government 20 hours free scheme, and both full day and sessional spaces are available.

2. Because of our Teachers

Kinderhaven has a great team of dedicated, exceptionally skilled staff made up of qualified teachers and energetic teachers in training. Our team has a mix of different cultures, including teachers who speak Mandarin and Filipino. Our friendly and energetic team is a huge part of what makes Kinderhaven stand out from the rest.

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Our aim is to employ qualified, registered teachers, or teachers in training who are highly motivated and passionate about what they do. At Kinderhaven we encourage all our teachers to expand their knowledge and skills with an ongoing program of professional development.

3. Because of our Curriculum

We aim to nurture and encourage each child’s thirst for knowledge by providing an exciting environment where they can explore and develop their interests. This results in children becoming confident and competent learners.

We follow ‘Te Whaariki’, New Zealand’s national early childhood curriculum. Our daily program provides opportunities for child initiated learning where children are encouraged to actively explore and experiment within the centre environment – both indoors and outdoors.

Every child at Kinderhaven has a portfolio of Learning and Development which is given to the child when they go to school. The photos, observations and artwork are a special reminder of their time at Kinderhaven. This provides an individual record of your child’s achievements, and gives invaluable feedback to you. The portfolios record each child’s learning and development, and provide an important link between what was planned, and what was achieved.

4. Because of our Great ERO Reports

Periodically, the Education Review Office assesses every childcare facility in its effectiveness, and issues an ERO report. Kinderhaven has a long proud history of great ERO reports.

Read ERO Reports Online Here

Alternatively, you can read them on-site at Kinderhaven.