About Kinderhaven

Kinderhaven is New Zealand owned, and is run by a great team of caring and dedicated staff. We are committed to providing high quality care and education in an environment where your child feels loved and at home.

For more than 10 years, Kinderhaven has provided outstanding preschool care and learning opportunities for children aged two to five years.

Our Teachers

Our teachers at Kinderhaven have exceptional skills, and care for what they do. Kinderhaven not only employs qualified, registered teachers, but also teachers in training. The teachers in training continue to bring new ideas and added enthusiasm to the Kinderhaven experience.

The Kinderhaven Philosophy

At Kinderhaven we believe that children learn and develop best in an environment where they feel safe and secure. Providing such an environment is therefore a priority for us. We believe that by providing a homely and loving atmosphere, the children’s sense of well-being and belonging are enhanced.

This is the foundation on which the learning programme is based. The philosophy is evident in our curriculum in that all the children are treated as individuals who are valued and respected.

Children are encouraged to communicate their ideas and feelings, and to contribute their suggestions to the programme. By listening to the children, and also by observing them, the teachers provide learning programmes aimed at developing the children’s own interests and needs.

Kinderhaven encompases Te Tiriti O Waitangi in its philosophy by valuing each child and understanding where they come from – i.e. their family/whanau, who are warmly welcomed into the preschool environment. Parents, Grandparents, and siblings are all recognised as important people in a child’s life.

We aim to work co-operatively with parents, developing a partnership that will assist each child to achieve their full potential.

Our Policies

Like all preschools, we have policies. Click Here To View Some Of Our Policies (pdf) Click Here To View Some Of Our Policies (pdf) 

All of our policies are available for inspection on site at Kinderhaven.